Meet the Creator

Andrew Yaniuk

Striving to build the best handcrafted products from a passion for woodworking & love for geocaching.

Our Story

My name is Andrew. Two of my interests are woodworking and geocaching.
I decided to combine them and create some unique items for the geocache community.

In 2014 I came across the great world of geocaching completely by accident. That great interest continued and have been caching ever since.

I started my woodworking journey in 2018 after being inspired by a family member's woodshop. Though I grew up around tools, fixing things all my life, I never really thought of creating projects of my own. I was inspired to create items and furniture, making something from nothing. Many of the materials I used were repurposed wood, but were cleaned and retooled to look new.

I knew that these two hobbies needed to be combined, and soon enough new creations emerged. Each display or geocache container is handmade in my shop using a variety of tools and materials, making each quite unique.

If you like the products you see, or have an idea for a custom display or geocache container, reach out to me and together we can create something awesome!