Scavenger Hunt

What is Geocaching?

Geocaching is a fun activity that combines physical clues, along with digital hints and GPS coordinates. 

Think of it as a treasure hunt using satellites, whose playing field is the whole world.  The game started in May of 2000 by Dave Ulmer, who hid a container and posted the GPS coordinates online, and waited for others to find it.  Over the years this has become a great past time for adventure seekers. 

Using the website or smartphone app, you first choose a geocache to find.  Follow the GPS to “ground zero (GZ)”, and then put down your phone or GPS and begin searching.  Geocaches come in all shapes and sizes, some as small as an eraser, and some larger than a toaster.  Once you find the geocache, sign the log, trade any small tokens and gifts (SWAG) and rehide it for the next person to find it.  Sign the digital log as well, and then you are off to the next cache!

Geocaches come in several varieties:
Traditional Cache: Go to the posted coordinates and find the container.

Mystery/Puzzle Cache: Solve the digital puzzle to find the coordinates of the final geocache container.

Multi Cache: Find the first geocache at the posted coordinates, and it will lead you to the next steps until you find the final cache in the series.

Earth Caches: These have no physical container.  Visit the posted coordinates, you will learn about the area and submit answers to the questions asked on the cache page.

There are many more types of geocache types that you will learn about as you go!  

Get out there and start Geocaching!